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Top Reasons Businesses Need Fiber Internet

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In today’s global economy, every minute and every dollar counts for businesses. Whether you’re logging on for a videoconference with a prospect or running an e-commerce business, you’ll need fast, reliable internet to get the job done.

At BTC Broadband, we know fiber optics is the gold standard. That’s why we deliver it to the businesses in the communities we serve. With speeds exceeding 1 GIG, our fiber has all the power any business needs to keep up!

Read below for some reasons why businesses need fiber, and learn how we can help your business get ahead!

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Keeping Consistent Contact with Customers

Customers today are accustomed to remaining in touch with their favorite brands at all hours of the day. Whether through appealing websites, well-crafted marketing emails, succinct social media and blog posts, or other forms of consumer outreach, the internet keeps the channels of communication open 24/7.

But a strong internet connection is essential. Everything - from point-of-sale payments (POS transactions), to VoIP phone services, to digital marketing - requires a reliable connection, and nothing is more reliable than fiber.

Fiber-optic internet is both super strong and surprisingly flexible, so it’s less susceptible to interruptions due to bad weather.

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Handling Multiple Applications, Files, and Users Simultaneously

Of course, many small businesses have staff that use a single common server to connect all their devices for all of their projects and output. Laptops, tablets, smart devices, and even cell phones have the advantage of making employees more productive — but they can also strain networks and slow down the internet for the whole business when it’s crunch time.

Fiber’s sizeable bandwidth and upload and download speeds provides your business with the capabilities to meet the needs of multiple users and all their various tasks at one time. With our services, you can have one team member uploading large files, another on a Zoom call, and another livestreaming on social media without any slowdowns or delays!


Our local sales team can help answer any questions you may have about our fiber network and what it can do to make your business more productive, efficient, and profitable.

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